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8th Edition of the Multilateral Kant Colloquium - Macarena Marey

Abstract: Kant’s Concept of Popular Sovereignty Kant’s normative concept of popular sovereignty is, I will hold, of extreme importance today for two main reasons: it does not collapse into the mere empirical assertion of power by modern, (post-) Westphalian nation states, and it does not necessarily clashes with international, transnational and cosmopolitan political-juridical realms, and that is able to play normative roles facing globalization. On the contrary, it works as a normative principle to regulate those practical contexts. Following a line opened by Katrin Flikschuh, I will argue there is no dilemmatic tension in Kant’s concept of sovereignty. I propose that not only are international Right and cosmopolitan Right parts of a complete system of public Right, but also that this system has popular sovereignty as its pivotal stone.