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8th Edition of the Multilateral Kant Colloquium - Hernán Pringe

Abstract: Transcendental and Concrete Subjectivity in the Marburg School The purpose of this talk is to analyse and compare the way in which Hermann Cohen and Paul Natorp deal with the problem of the cognitive subject and, in particular, with the relationship between transcendental and concrete subjectivity. Even though Cohen and Natorp share a certain philosophical method for approaching this problem, their results are quite different. While for Cohen concrete subjectivity remains an open issue, without a proper philosophical account, Natorp manages to put forward a theory of concrete subjectivity within the very limits imposed by the transcendental method. However, Natorp soon encounters difficulties in this doctrine and modifies his initial position. In his late theory of subjectivity, Natorp inverts Cohen’s viewpoint and even departs from the framework established by the transcendental method.