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8th Edition of the Multilateral Kant Colloquium - Giorgia Cecchinato

Abstract: The Duty to Agree and the Necessity to Disagree. On Kant’s Concept of Sensus Communis in the Critique of Aesthetic Judgment My objective is to present a possibility of reading the normativity of the sensus communis that makes it possible to maintain the transcendental point of view and at the same time to extend the horizon of its relevance and its reach in Kant’s system. I do not intend to argue that the Kantian foundation of the sensus communis is linear and perfectly clear. There are problems, but my suggestion is that Kant himself suggests the departure from circles in which the grounding of the sharing of judgments of taste falls. The failures are productive. But it is a question of adopting a different perspective that considers not only the relation of taste to the conditions of knowledge 38 of objects, but which focuses more on its insertion in an ideal horizon of realization and perfection of humanity. Therefore, the axis of reflection is significantly displaced from a perspective that privileges relations with the Critique of Pure Reason, both with the Analytic and with the Dialectic, to one that dialogues with the Critique of Practical Reason and, above all, opens interesting perspectives to make a connection with the Metaphysics of Customs. The sensus communis is something that "we must produce in us". It is precisely this kind of duty that I will try to justify.