Natalia Lerussi

Natalia Lerussi has obtained the degree of Doctor in Philosophy from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentine) with a work about Kant´s philosophy of history. Nowadays she is assistant professor of modern philosophy at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentine) and researcher of CONICET, the Research Council of this country (with a project entitled: Kant, Fichte and the analogy between Reason and Life). During the doc- and postdoc- period (2009-2015), she has made several research´s stays in Germany (Universität zu Köln, Humboldt Universität, Ruhr Universität). She is counseling member of the staff of the scientific review Kant e-Print(Brazil) and member of the editor board of Ideas. Revista de filosofía moderna y contemporánea (Argentine). She is one of the managers of the publishing house RAGIF. She has edited some collective books on Kant and modern philosophy and published papers in different philosophical reviews like Revista de Estudios Kantianos (Spain), Studia kantiana (Brazil), Ideas y valores (Colombia),Cadernos de filosofía Alemã (Brazil), etc.