Juan Iosa

Dr. Juan Iosa (14/07/1975), is professor of philosophy of law at Córdoba National University (UNC). He is also adjunct researcher at CONICET. He has carried out secondments at several universities: Purdue (USA), São Paulo and Santa Maria (Brazil), and Autonomous of Madrid (Spain). He directs the Autonomy and Constitution research group, subsidized by the UNC and the 21st Century University (US21) of Córdoba. He has published articles at The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, Analisi e Diritto, Doxa, Revista Brasileira de Filosofía, Discussions, and Chilean Law Review, among other journals. He is author of the book "The Conflict between Authority and Autonomy" (Fontamara, México 2017) and editor of "The Judgment of crimes against humanity in post-dictatorial Argentina" and "Private Actions and the Constitution. Personal autonomy in the interpretation of article 19 of the Argentinean Constitution.” He is currently focused on specifying the network of conceptual and normative relationships among various conceptions of autonomy: negative freedom, non-domination, personal, moral, and political. He is also interested in thinking about the possibility of establishing correlations between the various theories of law dominant in each historical period, the particular legal practice of the period, and the political and economic systems in which such practices were inserted.