Denise Celentano

I am a Berggruen Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy at New York University, working on aninterdisciplinary project about the normative issues of work and its long-term changes directedby Kwame Anthony Appiah. In 2019, I earned a PhD from the École des Hautes Études enSciences Sociales and the University of Catania; as a PhD student, I was based at the Centre“Maurice Halbwachs” in Paris, and I hold a degree in Philosophy from the Sapienza Universityof Rome. My primary area of research is contemporary political philosophy. I am interested inproblems of social justice, work, and equality, with a focus on work as a normative problem ofjustice. I also have an interest in issues of distributive justice, economic ethics, feminist theory,and the political philosophy of technology. My dissertation, Cooperating as Peers: Labor Justicebetween Distributive and Relational Equality, addresses the problem of labor justice with a focuson labor inequalities, proposing a new framework of work fairness based on the norm of“contributive parity”. In my work, I attempt to combine the resources that analytical politicalphilosophy and critical social theory provide to address some of the most pressing issues of ourtime – see, for example, my article “Automation, Labour Justice, and Equality” Ethics and SocialWelfare (2019), which discusses the most common responses to the problem of automation –universal basic income, ‘workist ethics’, and post-work ethics – and argues that the debateshould rather focus on the question of how to make technology an ally in making socialcooperation fair, complementing concerns for autonomy with concerns for equality.