Daniela Fisichella

Degree in Political Science and PhD in International Law, she’s lecturer in International Law atthe University of Catania (I), Dept. of Political and Social Science (DSPS).Her teaching activity concerns International and European Union Law: the former broadlyincludes International Organizations as well as universal and regional human rights, the latterdealing with both EU institutional architecture and secondary law.Her main research interests regard International Organizations and global governance, the fourfreedoms in the EU internal market, European citizenship, European social rights, disability andInternational Law, EU foreign and security policy, international and European rule of law,migration, global inequality. Among her most recent publications:- “European Union Citizenship and "Tourism of Welfare": Challenging European SocialRights in Times of Enduring Crisis”, Il diritto dell’Unione europea, 2018, issue 3, 467-523- “Inequality” as a keyword to understand international community assets in 21st century:changing patterns in social sciences and international law”, H. Arslan, M. A. Icbay, A.-A.Dragoescu, Current Perspectives in Social Sciences, IASSR, E-BWN, Bialystock, Poland,2017, 277-285- “United Nations and World Health Organisation Engagement in Treating Global MentalHealth, with a Special Focus on Dementia”, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease &Parkinsonism, 2017, 7:4- “Salvataggio in mare e flussi migratori intensi e sistematci: quali margini di sovranitàstatale nelle operazioni search and rescue?, Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights,Aracne, 2016, 227-258