Paola Romero

Paola Romero (born in Caracas, Venezuela) is currently a PhD candidate in Political Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She specializes in Kant’s political and moral philosophy, with a broader interest in the history of political thought, specifically on Hobbes and Carl Schmitt. Her Doctoral thesis focuses on the role of political conflict and its significance for an account of political agency in Kant. The working title of the thesis is ‘Kant and Political Willing’, supervised by Professor Katrin Flikschuh. Paola has earned an MA and MPhil degree in Philosophy from King’s College London (2011-2014) Her MPhil thesis discussed Kant’s Critique of Revolution. Paola is an active member of the LSE Government Department, where she teaches as a Teaching Assistant courses on Ancient and Modern political thought. Given her shared interest in Hobbes and Kant, Paola’s research beyond her PhD is directed at questions regarding the fragility of the state, the transparency of the self, and at an inquiry into the sources of social conflict grounded in a understanding of the role of the state and the scope of self-knowledge.