Hernán Pringe

Professor Hernán Pringe: Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Dortmund. M.A. in Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires. M.Sc. in Physical Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. Visiting fellow at the Center for the Philosophy of Science (University of Pittsburgh). Thyssen Post-Doc Fellow at the University of Dortmund. Visiting scholar at the Philosophy Department, University of Barcelona. Researcher at the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Institute of Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina). Coordinator of the Kantian Studies Group (Institute of Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina). Member of the Center for Philosophical Studies (National Sciences Academy of Buenos Aires, Argentina). Professor at Diego Portales University, Santiago, Chile. Coordinator of the joint PhD program in Philosophy between Diego Portales University (Santiago, Chile) and Leiden University (Holland). Director of the Revista de Estudios Kantianos (REK), journal of the Society of Kantian Studies in Spanish Language (SEKLE). Areas of specialization: Kant, German Idealism, Neo-Kantianism, Philosophy of Science, specially Philosophy of Physics. Other areas of interest: Modern Philosophy (Leibniz), Philosophy of Mathematics. Current research: Transcendental Philosophy and Differential Calculus.