Maria Borges

Maria Borges is professor of Philosophy at the University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) She was Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania (USA/1999) , Humboldt Universität (Germany/2006-7) and Columbia University (USA/2014) She is researcher of the CNPq/Brazil and chair of the Brazilian Kant Society. She is the author of the books História e Metafísica em Hegel/History and Metaphysics in Hegel ( 1998), Amor/ Love (2004), Atualidade de Hegel/Actuality of Hegel (2008), ( Body and Justice (2011), Razão e emoção em Kant (2012); co-author of O que você precisa saber sobre Ética/All you should know about Ethics (2003), and the co-editor of Kant: Liberdade e Natureza/ Kant: Freedom and Nature (2005) and Filosofia:machismos e feminismo/Philosophy:sexism and feminism (2014) . She also published many articles, including “What can Kant teach us about emotions” (The Journal of Philosophy, 2004) and Physiology and the Controlling of Affects in Kant’s Philosophy (Kantian Review, 2008) . Her philosophical interests are Kant, German idealism, ethics, theory of emotions and feminist philosophy.