María Castel

María Castel is a Philosophy Professor at the University of Buenos Aires. Currently, she serves as an instructor for the courses "Principales Corrientes del Pensamiento Contemporáneo" (Main Currents of Contemporary Thought) within the Communication Sciences program at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UBA; "Estética" (Aesthetics) within the Philosophy program at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, UBA; and "Introducción a la Filosofía" (Introduction to Philosophy) at the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences, National University of La Plata (UNLP). She has previously taught "Problemas Filosóficos en Psicología" (Philosophical Problems in Psychology) and "Ética y Derechos Humanos" (Ethics and Human Rights) within the Psychology program at UBA. Additionally, she has delivered specialization and postgraduate courses at both the University of Buenos Aires and the National University of Córdoba. She conducts her research focused on the political and aesthetic dimensions of the concept of time within Walter Benjamin's philosophy. In connection with this theme, she also explores Benjamin's reception of Immanuel Kant's philosophy. She actively engages in various research teams exploring related subjects and has contributed as a speaker or invited lecturer at numerous national and international scholarly gatherings. Her body of work includes the publication of numerous articles, and she has been a beneficiary of scholarships from both the University of Buenos Aires and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)