Paulo Jesus

I studied philosophy and psychology at Coimbra Univ. (Portugal) and Univ. Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). In 2006, I obtained my PhD in Philosophy at EHESS-Paris with a dissertation on time, selfhood and cognition based mostly on Kant’s critical works, but including also their relationships with Leibniz and Hume, as well as their impact on Fichte and the genesis of Idealism. Since then, I have become a researcher at the Philosophy Center of Lisbon University where I've coordinated an international, interdisciplinary, research project titled “Poetics of Selfhood: Memory, Imagination, and Narrativity” (PTDC/MHC-FIL/4203/2012), entailing a critical dialogue with the narrative model of personality in phenomenology, hermeneutics, and social sciences. In my research career I’ve also been: 1) the PI in a research seminar on “Self as production of truth”, hosted by Collège international de philosophie (CIPh, Paris, France, 2006-07); 2) a Visiting scholar at New York University and Columbia U. (2007-08); 3) a Stagiaire Post-doc at the Center for Research in Applied Epistemology (CREA, Paris, under the mentorship of Prof. J. Petitot, 2009-10); 4) a Professeur invité at EHESS, to present a seminar for Graduate students on Biographical Time and Experience; 5) the joint organizer (with Soraya Nour Sckell) of a research seminar on Cosmopolitan Justice at CIPh, Paris.Currently, as far as my Kantian research is concerned, my work has diversified to deal with self-consciousness and personality in the realm of ethics and politics.