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Luciana M. Martínez

Luciana M. Martínez is a postdoctoral fellow at CONICET, which is the Argentinian research council. Her current investigation deals with the development of the concept of genius within Kantian Lectures on Philosophical Encyclopaedia, Logic, Metaphysics and Pragmatic Anthropology until the Critique of Judgment (1790). During her doctoral research at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentine), she has studied Kant’s doctrine of definitions during the pre-critical period.Luciana has taught in different universities in Argentina and Brazil. She is a member of the Kantian Studies Group (GEK, Buenos Aires, Argentine) and takes part in several research groups on Kantian philosophy. She has published various papers in some philosophical journals like Studia Kantiana (Brazil), Estudos Kantianos (Brazil), Cadernos de Filosofia Alemã (Brazil), Ágora. Papeles de Filosofía (Spain), Con-Textos Kantianos (Spain), Anales del Seminario de Historia de la Filosofía (Spain), etc. Her main contributions are related to Kant’s theoretical and aesthetic philosophy, in spite of her interest in other modern and contemporary German thinkers, such as Christian Wolff, Johann H. Lambert, Theodor Adorno, and Martin Heidegger.

Publications enabled by KANTINSA

Martínez, L. "Kant y el no-conceptualismo", Con-Textos Kantianos (ISSN 1130-2097). To be published in the next issue this year.

Martínez, L; "La doctrina kantiana de la definición en las lecciones de lógica (1770-1782)". Anales del Seminario de Historia de la Filosofía. (ISSN-e:1988-2564)To be published this year.

Martínez, L. "El tema de la 'Doctrina transcendental del método'". Cadernos de Filosofía Alemã. (ISSN 1413-7860) To be published at the end of June 2019.

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