We are delighted to invite you to the conference Sovereignty, Nationality & Language on June 1-2 at Cardiff University. This conference is an opportunity to explore Kantian and Kant-related perspectives on sovereignty, nationality, and language in liberal democracies today. Confirmed speakers: David Miller, Erica Benner, Andrew Vincent, Susan Shell, Helder De Schutter, Reidar Maliks, Ronald Tinnevelt, Huw Williams and Rhianwen Daniel. Attendance is in-person and coffee and lunch are provided, but registration is required and the participation fee is £20, unless you are a student. If you wish to register, please email Rhianwen Daniel danielre@cardiff.ac.uk with your name, affiliation, telephone number, and any dietary/access requests. The full conference programme can be found here: https://www.cambridge.org/core/blog/2023/03/27/kantian-review-conference-2023-sovereignty-nationality-language-cardiff-university-1-2-june/ Registration deadline: May 12, 2023. Organizing Committee: Howard Williams and Rhianwen Daniel. For any further information, contact Rhianwen Daniel: danielre@cardiff.ac.uk