Program 9:00-9:10 – Amphitheatre 1 Opening words. Miguel Tamen (Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at the University of Lisbon); Luigi Caranti (University of Catania (UNICT)), Fernando M. F. Silva (CFUL)      SECTION A – Amphitheatre 1    9:10-10:10 – PLENARY SESSION I: Heiner Klemme (MLU Halle-Wittenberg), “To Preserve Oneself. On the Relationship between Metaphysics and Maturity in Kant”    Moderator: Fernando Silva    SECTION B – Amphitheatre 1 10:10-10:40 – Gualtiero Lorini (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milan), “«A Man for all Faculties»? The Unity of Kantian Reason from a Pragmatic Point of View” 10:40-11:10 – Mattia Orsatti (Università degli Studi Gabriele d'Annunzio, ChietiPescara), “Per alcune Considerazioni sull’Idea Kantiana di Anima tra Ragione Speculativa e Ragione Pratica” Moderator: Patrícia Kauark-Leite SECTION C – Amphitheatre 2 10:10-10:40 – Dennis Vanden Auweele (KU Leuven), “Kant’s Moral Person, a Pessimist?” 10:40-11:10 – Janis Schaab (University of St. Andrews), “Kant and the Second Person” Moderator: Paulo Jesus 11:10-11:20 – Coffee Break 1 SECTION D – Amphitheatre 1 11:20-11:50 – Andrew Ward (University of York), “Has Parfit disproved Kant’s Account of the Freedom required for Moral Responsibility and Desert?” 11:50-12:20 – Nuria S. Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), “Kant’s Emotional Normativity of Reason and Its Human Embodiment: Interests, Reflexion and Feelings” Moderator: Gualtiero Lorini SECTION E – Amphitheatre 2 11:20-11:50 – Maria Bordignon (Bayreuth Universität), “A Trusting Vow to Common Sense: on Emotions, Passions and Self-determination of the Will in Kantian Moral Theory” 11:50-12:20 – Marita Rainsborough (Universität Hamburg), “Critique. Enlightenment. Parrhesia. Michel Foucault’s Questioning of the Concept of the Person and Humanity in Kant’s Works” Moderator: Luke Davies 12:20-14:00 – Lunch SECTION F – Amphitheatre 1 14:00-14:40 – Fernando M. F. Silva (CFUL), “Personhood: a Kantian Concept between Empirical Psychology and Pragmatic Anthropology” 14:40-15:20 – Leonel R. Santos (CFUL), “A Noção Kantiana de «Pessoa»: Aspetos Semânticos e Pressupostos” Moderator: Paulo Jesus SECTION G – Amphitheatre 2 14:00-14:40 – Daniel Stader (MLU Halle-Wittenberg), “Metapher und Idee. Über die Entwicklung von Recht und Moral in Kants «IaG»“ 14:40-15:20 – Gabriel Rivero (MLU Halle-Wittenberg), “Rechtliche Verbindlichkeit als erzeugte Verbindlichkeit. Erweiterung des Rechtsbegriffs und Eigentumsrechtfertigung in Kants Rechtslehre“ Moderator: Antonino Falduto 15:20-15:30 – Coffee break SECTION H – Amphitheatre 1 15:30-16:10 – Patrícia Kauark-Leite (UFMG), “Science, Genius, and Ideas of Reason” 16:10-16:50 – Paulo Jesus (CFUL), “On Becoming a Person and Creating the Kingdom of Ends: The Kantian Character of Humanity” Moderator: Fernando Silva SECTION I – Amphitheatre 2 15:30-16:10 – Luke Davies (London School of Economics and Political Science), “Kant on Civil Self-sufficiency” 16:10-16:50 – Fiorella Tomassini (University of Buenos Aires), “Kant and the Notion of a Juridical Duty to Oneself” Moderator: Marita Rainsborough SECTION J – Amphitheatre 1 16:50-17:30 – Luigi Caranti (University of Catania (UNICT)), “Kant’s Notion of Personhood and the Dignity Approach to Human Rights” Moderator: Heiner Klemme SECTION K – Amphitheatre 2 16:50-17:30 – Antonino Falduto (University of St Andrews / MLU Halle-Wittenberg), “Personality and Revolution” Moderator: Fernando Silva SECTION L – Amphitheatre 1 17:30-18:30 – PLENARY SESSION 2: Lea Ypi (London School of Economics and Political Science), “Systematic Unity and the Practical Use of Ideas in the Canon of Pure Reason” Moderator: Luigi Caranti 18:30-18:40 – Amphitheatre 1 Closing words