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Leuven Kant Conference 2022

We intend the yearly Leuven Kant Conference to provide a space for open exchange between established scholars, early career researchers, and PhD students. Unlike most preceding editions, the 2022 edition of the conference is devoted to a particular topic and will not distinguish between keynote speakers and participants selected on the basis of their abstracts.

In The Foundation of Philosophical Knowledge (1791), Reinhold framed the reception of Kant’s philosophy by distinguishing between those who dogmatically accepted its ‘letter’ and independent minds, like himself, who sought to grasp its ‘spirit’. However, this influential distinction obscures the enormous variety of the positions that were adopted at the time as well as their complex interrelations. The conference aims to foreground aspects of Kant’s early reception that tend to be overlooked by scholarship on either Kant or German idealism and, thus, to shed light on the full spectrum of responses to Kant’s critical philosophy from 1781 until his death in 1804. While we welcome contributions on any aspect of this theme, we are particularly interested in papers that question the letter-spirit distinction mentioned above and/or address underinvestigated figures, issues, and developments.